Flowers of Life


Flowers of Life

Address: Unioninkatu 38 (Entrance)

The Flowers of Life collective has earned a reputation for its impressive light installations that pose fundamental questions to viewers. Lux Helsinki will feature the collective’s biggest installation to date – one that exudes mysticism and the magical glow of light.

Flowers of Life draws on “sacred geometry” and the symmetry and proportions of nature and the cosmos. Comprising patterns that seem to float in the air, the installation plays with light and forms.

The installation will be projected from the inner courtyard of the University of Helsinki’s Topelia building and change in appearance depending on which side it is viewed from. Viewers will also be able to walk through the multifaceted installation.

Picture: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

veikkolappalainenFlowers of Life is a Finnish company specialised in UV light art whose three-dimensional visual elements have delighted audiences at numerous music events. Founded in 2005, the collective has visited 23 countries, including the Boom Festival in Portugal. Within Finland the collective is known especially for its contribution to the Konemetsä Open-Air Forest Festival, the MetsäFestival and the Carnival of Lights at Linnanmäki Amusement Park.

Veikko Lappalainen (b. 1982) is a light artist from Livonsaari. His works have been displayed since 2002 in Finland and internationally as far away as Australia and South Africa. Lappalainen’s installations often feature symmetries and three-dimensional aspects created by UV technology.

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