Jenni Kääriäinen: a Shade

Espa Stage

Jenni Kääriäinen: a Shade

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi

Espa Stage will feature an installation by Jenni Kääriäinen. a Shade is a mosaic that is made up of thousands of anonymous x-rays. The work casts a shadow and dims the light. For Kääriäinen light means everything that makes our environment visible and causes changes within it. a Shade is about the mark left by light – a memory.

This installation was originally commissioned by Startup Sauna for the SLUSH 2014 event, and it was created as a communal art projected by volunteers at the event.

The music and sound design was composed by Aake Otsala.

Picture: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

jenniJenni Kääriäinen is a graduate of the Lighting Design and Sound Design Programme of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She is currently design director in the fields of visual design and service design with the Sun Effects collective. In recent years Kääriäinen has forged an international career in light art and high-profile commercial productions.

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