Mónica Ruiz Loyola: Absence

The National Library

Mónica Ruiz Loyola: Absence

Address: Kirkkokatu 20 (Entrance)

Absence initially appears as an inanimate object in the dark, but as you get closer the installation slowly comes to life to reveal a sewing machine that silently creates patterns from dimly illuminated threads of yarn. The threads reflect the moving words of poet Rocío Cerón.

The installation describes the exploitation of women in Mexico and the violence inflicted on women in Ciudad Juárez. Mónica Ruiz Loyola wanted to create a poetic tribute to these women. Sewing was chosen as the form language since many of the women disappeared in Ciudad Juárez worked in inhumane conditions in sweatshops.

A motion sensor is used to create a slightly different experience for each group that approaches the installation.

Music and programming: Eduardo Jiménez
Text: Rocío Cerón (translated into Finnish by Annika Eräpuro)

In co-operation with: Plan International Suomi

Picture: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

Monica Ruiz

Mónica Ruiz Loyola is a Mexican artist who combines digital and analogue elements and utilises open source coding in her works. Her art often treads a path between personal and social issues. Her sound and video installations have been exhibited worldwide, including in the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Ecuador, Belgium and Mexico.

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