Petri Tuhkanen: People Power

Senate Square

Petri Tuhkanen: People Power

Address: Senate Square

People Power invites people to observe and play with light together: when you step on the scales, the installation comes to life. The greater the number of people on the scales, the more intense the colour of the light becomes – this is people power in action! The scales control three colours of light: red, green and blue. The effect reaches its peak when the colours combine to form a bright white light.

The installation is created by 60 individually controlled lamps and three accurate yet durable industrial scales. The specially chosen materials represent a return to the basics, with halogen lamps, handmade coloured glass and sturdy wooden boxes.

Petri Tuhkanen’s interactive installation provides a sense of playfulness and shared experiences along the official Lux Helsinki route. Everyone is welcome to bring this art to life!

In co-operation with: Linnanmäki

Picture: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

Petri Tuhkanen (b. 1980) has a diverse background in the performing arts as a light and video designer and a scenographer. His previous installations for Lux Helsinki have include Sinisten välissä – In between the Blues, which describes the colours between the sea and the sky, and Ilon kuvia – Images of Joy, an interpretation of the feeling of joy from different perspectives.

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