Tarja Ervasti: Domus 360° – Four Homes

Helsinki Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko)

Tarja Ervasti: Domus 360° – Four Homes

Address: Unioninkatu 29

For the first time in the history of Lux Helsinki all four sides of Helsinki Cathedral will become part of one light installation: Domus 360° – Four Homes can be experienced from all four directions, both near and far. The brightly illuminated dome will be visible from far away, while up close the installation can be admired from Senate Square, Unioninkatu, Kirkkokatu and the upper level of the cathedral. The installation is inspired by the idea of the home and the structures that people base their existence on – their spiritual homes.

Each side of the cathedral will have its own motif and style. The eastern side will present a family of three created out of light sculptures, the northern side will represent the natural elements, the western side will play with architectural forms, and the southern side will describe eternity and the themes of heaven and space. All four sides are connected by a common colour scheme reflecting the passing of the day from morning to night.

The overall experience created by the light installation is augmented by specially composed music. The installation runs non-stop in approximately seven-minute cycles.

Artistic design: Tarja Ervasti
Music: Willie Budsko

Picture: Johanna Kinnari

Performance time: 5pm–10pm

Tarja ErvastiTarja Ervasti is a light artist and lighting designer for the performing arts who has been active in the field of light art in Finland since the 1990s. She has created the lighting designs for over a hundred theatre, dance and opera productions, and her light, environmental and space installations have been exhibited throughout Finland. She previously created the light installation Seitsemän porttia – Seven Gates for Lux Helsinki in 2014.

Willie Budsko is a musician and composer from Helsinki who has composed soundtracks for short films. He also releases music under the aliases Reni Ryder and Portamento Boy. Budsko created the sound design also for Ervasti’s installation Promenadi Huwisaarilla – A Promenade on Huwisaaret, which featured at the Valoa Oulu event in 2014.

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