Antti Pussinen (FI) – N:th Wave & Ei saa

Image: Nt:h Wave / Antti Pussinen

Event Introduction

N:th Wave

“I created The N:th Wave in autumn 2020, when the second wave of Covid-19 was still gathering momentum. My hope was that this work would still be relevant come the following summer but that there would be no significant third wave. As I write this, we’re in the throes of a fifth wave that’s mainly affecting the unvaccinated.” –Antti Pussinen

The N:th Wave provides a snapshot of the moment in time when we would wake up every morning and turn to the news to check out the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic that was engulfing the world like a slow-moving tsunami. The number of new daily cases became a globally recognised metric. Although that metric no longer carries the impact it once did, and case numbers no longer make the headlines, The Nth Wave continues to serve as a reminder of how small and vulnerable we truly are, and how atomised when faced with the forces of nature. At the time when The Nth Wave was being made, the best we as individuals could do to facilitate a return to normality – to concert visits, to art exhibitions, to trips to the pool – was to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. Simply, to do less. Now, the opposite is the case: it’s time for us to do more

Ei saa

Ei saa is a sculptural light installation comprising a see-through traffic barrier that, like a lighthouse, has been mounted onto a pedestal. From this elevated vantage point, it asserts its status as an anchor on which the guidance, restrictions and prohibitions that underpin our society are tethered. Ei saa explores the notion of a transparent society where everyone has the ability to influence the rules that govern us and to understand what these rules are based on.

The artist Antti Pussinen lives and works in Berlin. In recent years, he has explored the universal human experience of smallness in the face of the universe and the forces of nature that shape our lives. He has exhibited in the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and art museums in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Hyvinkää and Kouvola, as well as Galleria Sculptor, Freies Museum Berlin, Luisa Catucci Gallery, Center for Architecture in New York and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.

In co-operation with:

Cultural Centre Stoa


Lux 2022


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 5.–9.1.2022 klo 16–22

  • Address:

    Cultural Centre Stoa (Turunlinnantie 1)

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