Image: Irina Pått, GRAND BATTEMENT DIAGONAL, Birch Plywood, White, Led, 63,5 x 63,5 x 5,5cm

Event Introduction

DANCING IN THE DARK consists of a group of plywood reliefs that are designed for both public and private premises. The particular pieces are functional products and pure artworks which constantly challenges and blurs the categorisations between functional objects and visual arts. The technique of the wooden works honor the history of reliefs, even though Irina Påtts expression is very much her own. These works are reliefs with sunken hollow lighting reminding the ‘Giant’s kettles’ from the ice age. The environmentally friendly veneer is finished with wax. Using wood in buildings and interiors meets the criterias of sustainability.  Wood as a material has a positive effect on health and well being. It is also a solution for indoor air problems and noise reduction. On top of that it reduces the carbon footprint.

Irina Pått has for 30 years been known and recognized for handmade and ecological design lighting and 3D-paperworks. Her new material is birch veneer. During the last two years she has shown this new kind of design in three successful exhibitions. For the time being her works are also presented at RUNO Biannual Exhibition ‘Longing’ in hotel Runo in Porvoo. Since her childhood Irina Pått has been practicing classical ballet, which has given the inspiration for these dancing pieces of artwork. During her career Irina Pått has designed lots of light works and she is now using the led technique to create a line of light as an effective detail. There is also a nostalgic element in these light effects, as the first neon lights on the roof of Lasipalatsi building in Helsinki in the 1950’s made a huge impact on the artist.

DANCING IN THE DARK is visible through the windows at ‘Royale Estrad’ night & day and goes on until 31st of January


Additional Programme


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 4.–31.1. 2023

  • Address:

    Royale Estrad, Svenska Teatern (Pohjoisesplanadi 2)

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