Kotryna Čalkaitė (LTU) – Quietly Speaking Colors

Event Introduction

When nightfall and woefulness come,
They appear – colorful silent words
showing the way.

In loving memory of my Father

(Typically, memories include smells, emotions, words, places, or shapes. My memories have colors. This installation is a memorial painting of my father, containing a whole range of experiences, insights, things learned, moments of tranquility and joy, listening to the environment, to a person next to you as well as yourself. It is a path to the essence of essences, to the inner child, to the very first relationship – a bond with your creators.)

“I create light installations for more then 10 years. I experiment with lights, shapes, materials and colors.  It’s the platform where I create stories, tell stories, talk about my feelings and desires, invite others to share and gain their experience. I seek to convey the emotion and new thinking in the dark, where you either forget who you are, or, on the contrary, meet your inner child, your true self. My light installations are not limited by one word or stylistics. Locations vary from the surface of water to the treetops, nature and urban places. It’s a process of change, different moments of life, surroundings, experiences.” –Kotryna Čalkaitė




Event Information

  • Time:

    • 4.–8.1.2023 klo 17–22

  • Address:


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