Radu Ignat (RO) – Facelessmen

Event Introduction

Note: The optimal viewing direction of the work is from Kauppatori.

Without the light to highlight the features of each we would be faceless, without the differences created by the light we would all be the same. Light is the one that gives us identity or can take us. We are all compounds of matter, but if this material would not reflect the light back we would be invisible. The same mask in the same matter can play different traits, expressions, thoughts, images or stories only with the help of lights without the light being the same. We are faceless if there is no light. On a 3 meter high metal mask different animations will be projected that will transform the mask in different ways and will change the features, shape or fabric of the mask.

Radu Ignat
Radu Ignat is a Romanian artist from Sibiu. He specialises in metal sculptures, 3D graphics and video mapping. Ignat has been making sculptures for 25 years and also has a group of performances set in the medieval period, where they fight with sculpted swords and other steel objects. Ignat’s work has been shown at light and art festivals around the world.


Lux 2024


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024 klo 17–22

  • Address:

    Esplanad Park

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