The Italian Cultural Institute is the cultural center of the Embassy of Italy, Helsinki. Its mission is to promote Italian language and culture in Finland. The Institute organizes various cultural events and Italian courses and fosters cultural collaboration between Italy and Finland. The Italian Cultural Institute has its own library that features over 10.000 titles.

The Korkeasaari light art route illuminates the darkest period of winter this year as well! The atmospheric Lux Korkeasaari route circles the island, bringing the surrounding maritime nature and nearly one-hundred-year-history of the zoo to life through light art. Korkeasaari Zoo is a non-profit foundation that aims to conserve endangered species and biodiversity. When you visit Korkeasaari, you help us make the world a better place for wild animals!

Polestar is an electric performance brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are an independent start-up from the Volvo/Geely family. Our Nordic roots bring an honest and humanistic perspective on life. Our passion for quality and precision adds an uncompromising attitude to work. Design is at the center of everything we do and drives our progress in technology and sustainability. The Polestar design language is one of minimalism. We strive to maximize the experience in our products by minimizing unnecessary distraction and decorations.

Yle is the biggest media company in Finland, tasked with improving our understanding of one another and the world as well as strengthening Finnish society and culture. We do this work responsibly, reliably and respectfully. Our aim is to be a pioneer that is constantly developing and renewing the field of media.

GLO Hotel Art is an atmospheric hotel where colorful history meets the present and whose heart beats with a bohemian atmosphere. The stone castle with thousands of details is one of Helsinki’s most loved art nouveau buildings. Our lobby breathes the atmosphere of the castle, and in the modern rooms you will find everything for a comfortable hotel stay.