Lux Helsinki

Next Lux Helsinki is celebrated on Jan 4–8 2023.

Lux Helsinki is a light festival in Helsinki that is organised annually at the beginning of January. The festival presents a diverse range of light art. In addition to the most famous buildings in Helsinki, the route also highlights lesser known courtyards and façades.

Over half a million visitors come each year to admire the festival, which transforms familiar buildings and spaces into unique works of urban art. The unforgettable experience created by the power and beauty of light attracts people to enjoy this winter festival during the darkest time of the year, even on the coldest nights. 

Lux Helsinki 2023 will take place throughout the city. The collections of artworks can be seen in the downtown, Ruoholahti and Suvilahti.

The collection of artworks in the downtown will extend from Kansalaistori to the TAHTO Center for Finnish Sports Culture at the Olympic Stadium. The collection of artworks in Ruoholahti will go from Ruoholahdentori to the Cable Factory. The collection of artworks in Suvilahti will spread over outdoor areas and also into Kattilahalli and the gasometer.

More Lux Helsinki artworks can be seen in the city’s cultural centres and regional centres as well as Korkeasaari. 

The works are open on 4–8 January 2023 from 17–22 (free admission) and Lux Korkeasaari is open on 26 December 2022–8 January 2023 from 10–19 (separate admission charge).

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