Kanneltalo: Saana Volanen (FI) – Vanishing While Viewing

Image: Hannu Iso-Oja

Event Introduction

The light that once was here has returned, but it is so transformed that one could not say it remains the same.

The landscape surrounding the artwork was captured with a camera, then deconstructed and reintroduced to the landscape as light. The artwork melds light from the past into the present, signifying the transition of day into night and the ever-changing vista.

“Vanishing While Viewing” is a site-specific light art piece made with LED strips that integrate into Sitratori square’s landscape. These LED strips display material filmed at the same location. Within the pixels of the LED strips, the video’s information fades, leaving behind the outlines of the landscape and the constant shift of light. Over a fifteen-minute loop, the Sun sets and man-made lights ignite.

Saana Volanen
Saana Volanen is an artist, lighting designer, and scenographer operating in the realms of performing arts and light art. Volanen earned a BA in Design for the Performing Arts from Aalto University and is presently pursuing a master’s in lighting design at the University of Arts Helsinki. Volanen’s artistic exploration delves into the entwining of time and space, both conceptually and experientially. She has an appreciation for words landscape, site sensitivity and immersion. Volanen’s approach for light art was kindled one early summer morning when the Sun’s inaugural rays pierced through her dwelling for the first time in that orbit after winter.

In co-operation with:

The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH


Cultural Centres


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024 klo 17–22

  • Address:

    Kanneltalo (Sitratori)

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