Severi Haapala (FI) – Glow

Event Introduction

The GLOW pieces have been inspired by the following thought-provoking questions: What would a playful light piece look like? What are we actually looking at when we look at a light art? What are the connotations of colour and how does form influence our interpretation? 

The pieces explore these questions at the interface of movement and stillness. How do we perceive melting, flow and evaporation, and how do we understand plasticity and elasticity? The works take colour and form into a playful treatment. The works are layered and easy to interpret with a quick glance, but at the same time they conceal the possibility of the joy of discovery.

Severi Haapala
Severi Haapala has worked as a light, sound and video designer for years in dance, theatre, events and exhibitions. In addition to traditional performance spaces, he has also become familiar with sheds without electricity, stone churches and lakes.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship of the works to the spaces in which they are located. In my artistic designs, I have often used elements that transform in real time as part of the narrative. Over the last few years, light and video have become my main tools. My most recent designs have been a video design for Teatteri Hevosenkenkä and Game On, a light piece for the Valon Tikkurila event,” says Haapala.


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Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024

  • Address:

    GLO Hotel Art (Lönnrotinkatu 29)

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