Janne Ahola (FI) – Symmetria

Event Introduction

The tension between the forces of symmetry and chaos has served as the starting point for Ahola’s triptych-like work. Symmetrical forms are often seen as calming and their predictability creates a sense of security, giving the impression of order and peace. Conversely, asymmetry is usually associated more strongly with excitement and individuality. Ahola’s work seeks new perspectives on routines on the borderline between order and chaos, while weaving an intriguing narrative between harmony, disorder and ultimately balance. Tommi Toivonen is responsible for the music and composition.

“Symmetry, as wide or as narrow as you may define its meaning, is one idea by which man through the ages has tried to comprehend and create order, beauty, and perfection.”
– Hermann Weyl 

Concept and animation: Janne Ahola
Sound design and composition: Tommi Toivonen

Janne Ahola
Janne Ahola is a Helsinki-based designer and video artist. He has worked extensively in digital art and over the past decade has created numerous works based on projection mapping technology both in Finland and internationally. More recently, Ahola’s work has focused on exploring combinations of traditional painting techniques, video and animation. 


Technical production: Sun Effects


Lux 2024


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024 klo 17–22

  • Address:

    Senate Square

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