Katariina Souri (FI) – Pohjan kosketus

Event Introduction

The 19 oil paintings projected onto the buildings surrounding the Senate Square bring the mythical landscapes of the North to the centre of Helsinki. Katariina Souri’s paintings, inspired by mythology, tales of goddesses and animism, create a colourful parallel reality around the viewer as they surround the square. The work includes music composed by Johnny Lee Michaels.

Souri’s starting point has been to raise awareness of experiences and themes that have been overshadowed by humanity’s collective past and the individual’s hidden consciousness, and in doing so to make people question the sustainability and meaningfulness of a contemporary urban and nature-depriving lifestyle. Have we lost our deep roots or our connection to an underlying force and forgotten where we came from? 

Katariina Souri
Katariina Souri is a self-taught artist who has worked extensively in the field of culture. She has worked both as a scriptwriter and writer, but in recent years has focused primarily on the visual arts.

Technical production: Sun Effects

Content note:

Some parts in the work stereotype indigenous people. Rather than removing the imagery of the entire work, we seek to create a constructive approach to reconciling the rights of indigenous people and artistic freedom.


Lux 2024


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024 klo 17–22

  • Address:

    Senate Square

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