VOUW (NL) – City Gazing Helsinki

Event Introduction

City Gazing Helsinki is a site-specific light art installation showing how Helsinki has developed over the last 100 years as seen from space. For Helsinki a new edition is designed and produced, showing the development of the city and its road networks. The edition comes with a custom soundscape that tells the story of the city. Floating in the sky, the work lets us see Helsinki from a distance, highlighting the technological power we have as well as the fragility of life on earth. 

Music: Ertan Cetin

VOUW (pronounced: vow) is an Amsterdam-based design studio working at the crossroads of design and technology. Founded in 2017 by Mingus Vogel and Justus Bruns based on the belief that technology is not solely a means of efficiency and productivity, VOUW is a pioneer in slowtech: design that slows people down to bring them together in the real world.

VOUW’s work revolves around the exploration of how people can live with technology in a positive way. The studio believes that while technology can help us gain insights faster, it cannot change what makes us human and happy. Slowtech is about creating technology that emphasizes patience, fosters humanity, and promotes real-world connections.

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Event Information

  • Time:

    • 3.–7.1.2024 klo 17–22

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