Katariina Souri’s Lux Helsinki work to be shown

Katariina Souri’s work Pohjan kosketus has sparked a lot of discussion in recent weeks. The light artwork consists of 19 paintings and a single painting shown in conjunction with the publication of the Lux Helsinki programme emphasises stereotypes from the point of view of Finland’s indigenous people.

We have actively discussed the matter with various parties and experts and have tried to resolve the issue in the best possible way. Pohjan kosketus will be seen in Lux Helsinki as planned because part of the work became a topic of discussion even before the work was seen. A note about content will be added to the work, and we hope that the audience will stop and reflect on what it is like to be part of a privileged majority, why the work is considered offensive and why artists should have artistic freedom in the content of their art.

Rather than removing the imagery of the entire work, we seek to create a constructive approach to reconciling the rights of indigenous people and artistic freedom.

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