Frequently Asked Questions

Where can see the Lux Helsinki 2024 artworks? When are they open? 

Lux Helsinki 2024 will take place all over the city. One of the collections of artworks will be displayed in the city centre. The downtown programme will stretch from the Kansalaistori area to the Senate Square, through the Esplanade Park to the front of the Svenska Teater and will include 12 works. One work will also be on display at Hietaniemi Cemetery.

More Lux Helsinki works will be on display in the city’s cultural centres and regional houses, as well as in Korkeasaari.

The works are open from 3 to 7 January 2024 from 17:00 to 22:00 (free admission) and Lux Korkeasaari is open from 30 December to 7 January 2024 from 10:00 to 19:00 (separate admission fee).

What is the best way to get from one artwork to another?

In the city centre, the best way to move between the works is on foot and the best way to get to the Hietaniemi Hero’s Cemetery is from the city centre by tram 1, 2 or 4 and a short walk .

Is Lux Helsinki accessible?

The artworks are accessible. However, weather conditions might affect how easy mobility is, although the areas where the works are located will be cleared of snow each day before the event starts if weather conditions require.

How will you ensure visitor safety? 

Safety is a priority for Lux Helsinki and the entire event has been planned with safety professionals and the authorities.

The Lux collections of artwork are spread out around the city and so will mean people can enjoy them at their own pace. Most of the works can be viewed from a wide area.

Particular attention will be given to the hygiene and cleaning of the public WC facilities.

In the event of any crowding, our event people will be on hand to guide movement in the area.

Lux Helsinki is an inclusive event and we require the entire staff, event partners, subcontractors and event visitors alike to commit to the principles of equality, fairness and non-discrimination. If you notice any activity indicative of discrimination, please report it immediately to the security stewards, who can intervene in the situation if required. 

How will Lux ensure responsibility, energy saving and the environment? 

The light festival has taken responsibility into account. Helsinki Events Foundation has been awarded an EcoCompass certificate and also the environmental impacts of Lux are assessed each year. We focus on keeping the environmental impact of energy, procurements, materials and logistics to a minimum. We also require our partners and subcontractors to be responsible.

We aim to minimise emissions from energy consumption at the event and choose 100% renewable, green energy wherever possible. The artworks in Lux Helsinki use energy-efficient LED technology and electricity consumption decreases when people leave their homes to come and see the artworks. During the festival, we switch off the lights in the festival area to reduce light pollution in the area and offset the energy used by the artworks themselves.

We avoid single-use procurements and aim to minimise the amount of mixed waste originating from the event. Our printed matter is 100% carbon neutral.

We aim for efficient logistics during the event and to reduce the environmental impacts with regard to mobility. We also encourage the public to use public transport, walk or cycle to move between the different artworks around the city. 

Can I bring a dog to Lux?

We don’t recommend bringing a dog with you because of the huge crowds. In crowded places, a pet may get under someone’s feet and flashes of light and loud sounds in some of the artworks might also scare the animal. However, if you do decide to take your pet with you on an evening walk, we recommend doing so when the artworks are likely to be less crowded.

Dogs are not allowed in Korkeasaari Zoo.

Can I take photos of and video the artworks?

You are allowed and we hope you will take photos of the festival and the artworks for your own, non-commercial use. You can share photos on social media using #luxhelsinki.

Drone photography is prohibited without the appropriate permit. Security stewards at the festival will intervene in the event of any unauthorised flying of drones in the area.

Why is one of Lux’s works placed in a cemetery?

The work “Retriitti – Finlandia, Part 2” by Ekku Peltomäki is inspired by the themes of the Finlandia hymn, the Winter and Continuation Wars, and peace, and is therefore set in the hero graves of the Hietaniemi cemetery. Peltomäki explains that the lyrical style of the work is born out of the beauty and harmony of the Hietaniemi cemetery and its tree-lined avenues.

Why is the festival held at Epiphany in early January?

Helsinki is a diverse city of events, where there are happenings throughout the year. The timing of the event after the Christmas holidays aims to reach out to Helsinki residents, people coming to see the light festival from elsewhere in Finland and visitors to Helsinki at the beginning of the year.

Why does the festival last only five days?

Lux Helsinki is not an exhibition but a light festival that brightens up the city. The important thing about Lux Helsinki is the festival-like, community atmosphere created by the people who fill the city centre. The current length of the festival means that we can acquire the present number of works each year, as, for example, a relatively small part of the budget is spent on guarding the works.

How many people visit Lux Helsinki? How are visitor numbers counted?

The festival is usually visited by around half a million visitors.

Because the event is free and takes place in the city space, it is impossible to count the exact number of visitors. However, the number of festival visitors has been estimated using the same method since 2013 and is comparable to figures for international city events. Each evening, the security stewards estimate the viewer numbers at each work once an hour and the total number of visitors is based on this. The security stewards use hand counters to estimate visitor numbers.

Who organises the light festival? Who has chosen the artworks?

The festival is organised and produced by Helsinki Events Foundation. Lux Helsinki’s artistic director is Juha Rouhikoski, whose curator team also includes Matti Jykylä, Jere Suontausta, Mia Kivinen and Jyrki Sinisalo.