Antti Puumalainen (FI) – Saimaa Theme

Event Introduction

440 – that’s roughly the number that corresponds to the current world population of Saimaa ringed seals. The whole world, that is. The Saimaa ringed seal is one of the rarest seals in the world. 

The visual expression of the work consists of four hundred pixels of light, each individual pixel representing one of the remaining Saimaa ringed seals alive on Earth.

The mammal’s life cycle under the waves and on the ice of Lake Saimaa is illustrated by the musical and harmonic patterns that peek through the waves of the lake in the soundscape of the work, which are again swallowed up by the sound of the water. The Saimaa ringed seal can be difficult to spot in the wild; in the work, the melodic structures that can be heard through the lake’s ambience peek out of the sound image like the seal’s snout from the open waters of the Saimaa in spring-winter.

Antti Puumalainen
Tampere based freelance sound designer Antti Puumalainen is versatile and ambitious performing arts professional who has acquired his wide-ranging skill and knowledge through both education and practical work as a sound designer, theatre maker and artist.

Technical production: Sun Effects


Lux Korkeasaari is open between 30 December 2023 and 7 January 2024 from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Lux Korkeasaari charges a separate entry fee, and for each ticket sold and annual card visit, one euro goes to protecting snow leopards. Read more:

In co-operation with:

Korkeasaari Zoo


Lux Korkeasaari


Event Information

  • Time:

    • 30.12.2023–7.1.2024 klo 10–19

  • Address:

    Korkeasaari Zoo

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